On completion of the course the candidate will:

  1. Have a proven knowledge of the current HSE Diving at Work regulations and relevant ACoPs, with particular attention to the legal position of the Dive Supervisor within the framework of a typical diving organisation, and their own responsibilities for the safety of the diving operation
  2. Have a knowledge of other relevant legislation.
  3. Have a knowledge of diver competencies and certification relevant to the personnel that would be involved typically involved in a diving operation.
  4. Demonstrate a full working knowledge of relevant decompression tables.
  5. Be familiar with the relevant uses and applications of a recompression chamber and be able to undertake a preliminary assessment of a diver suspected of having decompression illness.
  6. Have an understanding of emergency casualty management, demonstrating, to an acceptable standard, a knowledge of
    – relevant communications, including VHF radio use (where applicable)
    – oxygen administration
    – first aid.
    The candidate should present certification to approved standards of training for the above, but an actual assessment of ability should be carried out in all cases.
  7. Be competent to identify deficiencies and/or omissions for relevant
    – diving equipment
    – boat equipment
    – first aid equipment
    and take the appropriate action(s).
  8. Have demonstrated, to an acceptable standard, a practical ability to
    – remove an unconscious, and fully kitted-up, diver from the water under realistic
    operational conditions
    – co-ordinate and/or manage a first aid incident relevant to operational locations
    – manage a search for a lost diver
    – manage a decompression illness incident.
  9. Submit, to an acceptable standard, a written dive plan for a chosen diving operation,
    showing a good understanding of the various levels of risk assessment, decompression
    and other health considerations, personnel and equipment requirements (to include the
    use of boats), and emergency procedures.

In order to demonstrate continued competency, and for the candidate to be aware of any changes in the above competencies, a refresher course examining some or all of the above, must be undertaken within 5 years of each demonstration of competency.


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