The SDSC has produced a logbook to meet the specific needs of scientific and archaeological divers who are conducting at work diving operations.  The books are A5 sized (mm 160w x 215h x 18d) and are hardbound.  Inside the front cover, there are pages to store personal data as well as guidance on how to comply with maintaining a dive log under the 1997 UK Diving at Work Regulations.  Each double-page opens to give a blank page for noting scientific or archaeological observations and a page to log the details of up to three different dives. In total there are 88 dive log pages so each logbook can record the details of up to 264 dives.  The dive log is broken down into sections designed to ensure that all the relevant information required under DWR97 is logged.  In addition, at the back of the book, there is useful information relating to wind and fog scales and there is also a plastic wallet attached inside the back cover for easy storage of current certificates.

Books can only be ordered in packs of 1, 5 or 20 books.  Costs are inclusive of postage and packaging within the UK and are:

Pack of 1 book            –           £12.50
Pack of 5 books           –           £61.25
Pack of 20 books         –           £225.25

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