Membership of the SDSC is open to any employer of staff who dive at work or self-employed person who dives at work in support of research, development or education in any field of science, technology or archaeology.
Membership is through application to the Committee by the following process:

1. A letter of application must be submitted to the Chairman or Secretary of the SDSC no less than 28 days prior to the next meeting of the Committee.

2. The letter must provide the following details:

  • The name of the organisation to be represented, or the name of an individual in the case of self-employed persons;
  • The name of the representative, in the case of organizations;
  • The role of the representative within their organisation, if applicable;
  • The management structure as relevant to diving at work operations, including named individuals where possible;
  • The type of diving operations undertaken at work under the Scientific and Archaeological Approved Code of Practice.

3. The application for membership is discussed at the next SDSC meeting.